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Keyword Search: We use a combination of keywords provided by you, words suggested by Google, and localized keywords your non-local competitors wouldn’t know to use. We monitor for top positioning. You’ll be seen by everyone searching for your product or service, but only pay for those that click onto your site.

Display Ads: Ads provided by you or produced by a professional graphic artist and appearing on websites that appeal to your potential customer. You will benefit from thousands who see and read your ad. You’ll only pay for those that click onto your website.

Video: Video ads provided by you or produced by our professional videographers. It will appear on YouTube in front of videos related to your potential customer.  We will know every day the percentage of viewers that are watching, what percentage of your video is being watched, to insure we are presenting a message to people who want to watch it. 

Re-Targeting: We will provide your webmaster the connecting codes to each of your campaigns so that visitors to your site can receive follow up messaging on a schedule determined by you.

Geographic regions and demographic characteristics are gated to the most effective performance for your business.


Monitor your results daily. Adjust your campaign strategies daily. Profile your competitors efforts daily.

We make pro-active changes based on what’s happening here in our area, to make our outcomes the most successful they can be. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) integrated with Facebook, and website re-targeting for an internet campaign of startling efficiency.

Elevated Keyword search listings. Display Ads all over the net. Video Ads on Youtube and streaming television.

Plus, reminder ads that follow up with your web site visitors.

Geographically fenced and demographically profiled for the best results for your business.

You won’t have to  wonder if it’s working. You will see your ads, your friends and family will see your ads, and so will your customers.

All supported by monthly reports of your results.

Ground Control Digital Marketing


San Angelo, Texas